Sports and Gymnasium Facility

K.K. Wagh Education Society’s Department of Physical Education and Sports

                                                       K.K.Wagh Gymkhana

Director Physical Education

Prof .Tanaji K Kandekar
M.A.M.P.Ed  N.I.S (Athletics and Lawn Tennis)

Departmental Facilities

                             Indoor Facilities

                             Outdoor Facilities

 Gymnasium                1200 Sq. Ft

 Athletic  Track  and Field 400 m

 Steam Bath                      7.26 Sq. m

 Cricket Field               7850 Sq. m

 Sona Bath                         6.72 Sq. m

 Football Field               6500 Sq. m

 Yoga Room                      16.0 Sq. m

 Two Lawn Tennis  Court      2400 Sq. m

 Table Tennis Hall (With 4 Tables)   136.2 Sq. m

 Two Volleyball Court            1500 Sq. m

 Chess and Carom             22.32 Sq. m

 Basketball Court              560 Sq. m




                                                 Indoor Facilities


* Gymnasium Total Area 1200 Sq. Feet

                                                            K. K. Wagh Gym

                                                           *Gym Utilization

Gym Utilization 2013-2017

   Sr. No.


           No. of Students













*Steam Bath Total Area (Room) 7.26 Sq. M

                                             Steam Bath Room

*Sauna Bath Total Area (Room) 6.72 Sq. M

                                                        Sauna Bath Room

*Yoga Room Total Area 16.0 Sq. M

*      8 students can PerformYoga at a time.
*      College GymkhanaProvides yoga mats for Students.

*Table Tennis Hall Total Area 136.2 Sq. M.

                                                                Table Tennis Hall

*      4 table Tennis tables are available for students.
*      Institute’s Boys and Girls Table tennis team has achieved district title continuously five times.
*      Gymkhana provided T.T. Rackets and Balls for Practice.

*Chess and Carom Room Total Area 22.32 Sq. M.

                                                  Chess and Carom Room

*      4 Carom Board and 6 Chess Table are available.
*      College team is winning the intercollegiate Chess Championship  from last 7 years.

                                        Outdoor Facilities

*400 m Athletic  Track  and Field

                                                         Athletic Track and Field

*Cricket Field Total Area 55 Yard Boundary

                                                                 Cricket Ground

*      Total Area 7850 Sq.M


*      Inter Collegiate Cricket Tournament
*      Karmaveer Premiere League (KPL)
*      KarmaveerState Level Invitational tournament (KSF)
*      Maffick Tournament

*Football Field (100*65M)

                                                         Foot Ball Ground

*      Total Area 6500 M.

Tournaments Organized

*      Coaching Camp for Nashik Zone
*      Intercollegiate Football Tournament
*      Karmaveer Football League (KPL)
*      Karmaveer State Level Invitational tournament (KSF)
*      Maffick Tournament.

*Lawn Tennis

                                                             Lawn Tennis Court

*      Total Area 2400 Sq. M. with Flood Lights

Tournaments Organized

*      Inter Collegiate Tennis Tournamen
*      Maffick  Tournament
*      KSF Tournament
*      Tennis Racket and Ball kits are provided.

*Volley Ball

                                                Volley Ball Court

*      Courts Total Area 1500 Sq. M.

Tournaments Organized

*      Inter-collegiate Volleyball Tournament and inter-group
*      KarmaveerVolleyball League
*      KarmaveerState Level Invitational Tournament (KSF).     

Facilities provided by college:
*      Volleyball, Kneepad, etc.
*      Sports Uniform for College team.

*Basket Ball

                                                                  Basket Ball Court

*      Total area- 560 sq. m with flood lights.

Tournaments Organized

*      Coaching camp for Nasik zone
*      Inter-collegiate Basketball Tournament
*      Karmaveer Basketball League
*      KarmaveerState Level Invitational Tournament (KSF)
*      Maffick Tournament
*      Facilities provided by college   
*      Sports Uniform for College team

Special Achievements:
1. Nilesh Gaikwad

 *International Para Badminton wins Gold Medal at Uganda.


 2. Aditya Astekar
International Basketball Participation at Australia and Thailand.


*Badminton Girls Winner

                                                Badminton Winner Team (Girls)


*Basket Ball Girls Winner

                                               Basket Ball Team (Girls)

*Football Inter collegiate and KSF winner 2016-17

                                                Football Team (Boys)

*Basket Ball Boys Winner from 2014-15

                                         Basketball Team (Boys)

*CHESS Team Winners

                                                         Chess Team (Boys)