Skill and Personality Development Program Centre (SPDC)

Skill and Personality Development Program Centre (SPDC)

Sr. No. Name of Staff Email ID Committee Designation
1 Prof. Dr. K. N. Nandurkar knnandurkar@kkwagh.edu.in Chairperson
2 Prof. Dr. S. S. Sane sssane@kkwagh.edu.in Member
3 Prof.Dr.D.M.Chandwadkar dmchandwadkar@kkwagh.edu.in Member
4 Prof. Dr. S. R. Gangurde srgangurde@kkwagh.edu.in Subject Expert
5 Prof. Dr. S. S. Bhabad ssbhabhad@kkwagh.edu.in Coordinator, SPDC
6 Prof. Dr. S. P. Ugale spugale@kkwagh.edu.in Invitee
7 Mrs. Sunita S. Khainar sskhainar@kkwagh.edu.in Invitee

Grant Sanctioned: - Rs. 16, 64,585

Duration of Program: - Three years from the year 2019-20.

The beneficiary Students: - All students of the institute belonging to SC and ST category