Department of Computer Engineering

Ongoing Funded Research

Prof. K. P. Birla received  received ASPIRE Research Mentorship Grant for the research proposal titled Generalized framework for extracting meaningful information from web for data mining and analytic.

Abstract: Recent challenges of web mining deals with extracting multilingual contents, organizing and discovering knowledge from it. In order to deal with web pages to be extracted and mined, currently available web extraction frameworks fails to quickly capture and search required data because of constrained access to web portals. Proposed approach of framework is to get hold on extracted data so as to discover knowledge using machine intelligence and evaluating accuracy on real time data.

Prof. S. T. Patil and Prof. J. R. Mankar received a grant of 1 Lakh from BCUD for the research proposal titled A VISUAL MOTIVATION AID FOR PERIODONTITIS PATIENTS


Periodontitis is an "infections" disease affecting teeth and surrounding structures such as gums and bone which holds the teeth in position. Affected individuals are differentiated from healthy subjects by clinical examination. Clinically, disease is characterized by inflamed bleeding gums, which occasionally recede, exposing underlying tooth. As disease progresses, it increases the tooth mobility.

        This bone loss can be predicted in susceptible individuals who are not maintaining the optimal oral hygiene. Often these individuals need to undergo surgical treatment to halt further deterioration. However, patients are often unwilling to undergo ‘surgical’ modality due to fear and anxiety. Eventually as disease progresses silently, patients often report to the dentist with mobile teeth. At this point dentists may have limited options to save the mobile teeth due to advance bone loss.