Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Library OPAC:

The Library OPAC is a key to our entire collection of books that can also be accessed through library intranet. Our Website is the gateway to the central library providing information about all its services & resources. It Provide to all electronics databases and full text journals. In this website user can download know your library document, external membership information detail & membership form.

  • Knimbus mLibrary Platform:

Remote access to subscribed e-resources from outside campus.


  • Institutional Repository: 

Institutional Repository is available through D-space software

  • Kindle eBook Reader:

Kindle e-book reader facility provide from library.

  • SPPU Question Papers:


  • SPPU Syllabus:
  • KIBO:

Bilingual Scanning & Reading Devices for Visually impaired Persons.

  • IEEE InnovationQ Plus:

Patent discovery and analytics platform

  • Membership and Duration period:

All the students, faculty members and staff of the institute are entitled for the membership of library. Kusumagraj central library also offers external membership for the industrial & corporate members. Their entitlement, in terms of numbers of books they can barrow and the permissible loan period are given below:

Sr. No.


No. of Books

Duration Period


Head of Department

25 Books

One Semester


Professor, Associate Professor & Equivalent Staff

15 Books

One Semester


Assistant Professor

10 Books

One Semester


Technical Staff

05 Books

One Semester


Other Staff

02 Books

One Semester


First Year Engineering (Student)

03 Books

Three Weeks


Second Year Engineering (Student)

03 Books

Three Weeks


Third Year Engineering (Student)

03 Books

Three Weeks


Final Year Engineering (Student)

04 Books

Three Weeks


P.G. Courses (Students)

05 Books

Three Weeks


Ph.D. (Students)

10 Books

Four Weeks