Jobs And Drawing


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2017-2018 SE Chemical

1. Drawing of  Carpentary Job 1

2. Drawing of Carpentary Job 2

3. Drawing of Welding Job

4. Drawing of Chemical Turning Job

2017-2018 SE Mechanical

1. Drawing of Spur Gear Job

2. Drawing of Turning Shop

3. Drawing of Tin Simthy Shop

4. Drawing of Injection moulding Job       

2017-2018 TE Mechanical 

1. Mini Project I (Hammer)

2. Mini Project II (pulley Assembly)

3. Mini Project III (flange Coupling)

4. Mini Project IV (Oldham coupling)

5. Mini Project V (Power Screw)

6. Mini Project VI (Geneva Mechanism)       (Drawing 1)         (Drawing 2)       (Drawing 3)

7. Mini Project VII               (Drawing 1)       (Drawing 2)    (Drawing 3)                     


  1. Drawing of FE Welding Job    
  2. Drawing of FE Carpentry Orthographic View Job    
  3. Drawing of FE Carpentry Isometeric View Job    
  4. Drawing of FE Fitting Job
  5. Drawing of FE Tin Simthy Job
  6. Drawing of SE Mechanical Turning Shop Job   
  7. Drawing of SE Mechanical Carpentry Job 
  8. Drawing of SE Mechanical Welding Job
  9. Drawing of TE Production Turning Shop Job
  10. Drawing of TE Production CNC Turning Gear Blank
  11. Drawing of TE Production Machining Shop Gear Cutting Job


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