Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Vision:

    Development of all round, socially responsible, innovative electrical professionals and researchers leading to empowerment to serve needs of society, meet global challenges and emerge as Centre of Excellence.



  • Mission:

    M1: Establish vibrant learning environment to enable students for lifelong learning with ethical practices to face challenges of electrical engineering field and globalization by providing state-of-art infrastructural facilities.

    M2: Promote active learning, critical thinking and engineering judgment coupled with business, entrepreneurial skills

    M3: Expose to recent technological advancements and industrial professional practices.

    M4: Introduce PG Programs and establish recognized research centre.

    M5: Provide conducive environment and promote intellectual (scholarly) pursuits for encouraging innovation, research, real world problems with multidisciplinary approach.

    M6: Offer consultancy and R&D services to various social, educational, industrial and commercial organizations for self reliance.

    M7: Establish centre of excellence in the field of power quality and energy management