Department of Master of Business Administration

University of Pune -Syllabus (2016 Pattern)

Download University of Pune – Detailed Syllabus-2016 Pattern

Semester 1

Semester 2

Code Generic Core Courses Code Generic Core Courses
101 Accounting for Business Decisions 201 Marketing Management
102 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions 202 Financial Management
103 Legal Aspects of Business 203 Human Resource Management
104 Business Research Methods 204 Decision Science
105 Organizational Behaviour 205 Operations & Supply Chain Management
106 Basics of Marketing 206 Management Information Systems
Code Generic Elective Courses Code Generic Elective Courses
107 Management Fundamentals 207 Emotional  Intelligence  and  Managerial Effectiveness Lab
108 Business Communication Lab 208 Statistical Software Lab
109 MS Excel & Advanced Excel Lab 209 MS Project Lab
110 Selling & Negotiation Skills Lab 210 Life Skills Lab
111 Business, Government & Society 211 Geopolitics & the World Economic System
112 Leadership Lab 212 Business Systems & Procedures
113 Personality Development Lab 213 Computer Aided Personal Productivity Tools Lab
114 Foreign Language – I Lab 214 Foreign Language – II Lab
115 Enterprise Analysis – Desk Research 215 Industry Analysis – Desk Research


Note: Each Generic Elective Course is a Half Credit course of 30 hours. Out of 30 hours 25 hours shall be devoted to teaching – learning sessions and 5 hours for evaluation/projects.

50 marks shall be devoted for concurrent evaluation to be carried out by the Institute.

There shall not be any evaluation by the University (online / subjective) for all Half Credit Courses.


Semester 3

Semester 4

Code Subject Core Courses Code Subject Core Courses
301 Strategic Management    
302 Enterprise PerformanceManagement 401 Managing for Sustainability
303 Startup and New Venture Management 402 Dissertation
304 Summer Internship Project    


Note: Each Generic Core Course is a Full Credit course of 45 hours. Out of 45 hours 35 hours shall be devoted to teaching – learning sessions and 10 hours for evaluation/projects.

30 marks shall be reserved for concurrent evaluation to be carried out by the Institute, 20 marks for online mid-term evaluation to be conducted by the University and 50 marks shall be term end written examination to be conducted by the University.

Course 304 - SIP shall have 4 Credits and 100 marks. (50 Marks for Concurrent Evaluation & 50 Marks for University Evaluation)

Course 402 – Dissertation shall have 4 Credits and 100 marks. (50 Marks for Concurrent Evaluation & 50 Marks for University Evaluation)


Subject Core Courses (Marketing) Subject Core Courses (Marketing)
305MKT Contemporary Marketing Research 403MKT Services Marketing
306MKT Consumer Behaviour 404MKT Sales and Distribution Management
Subject Elective Courses (Marketing Management) Subject Elective Courses (Marketing Management)
307MKT Integrated Marketing Communications 405MKT Retail Marketing
308MKT Product Management 406MKT Rural Marketing
309MKT Strategic Brand Management 407MKT Service Operations Management
310MKT Personal Selling Lab 408MKT International Marketing
311MKT Qualitative Marketing Research 409MKT Export Documentation & Procedures
312MKT Customer Relationship Management 410MKT Marketing Strategy
313MKT Marketing and the Law 411MKT Marketing Decision Models
314MKT Finance for Marketing Professionals 412MKT Marketing of High Technology Products
315MKT Marketing of Financial Services  - I 413MKT E-Marketing and analytics
316MKT Tourism Marketing 414MKT Marketing to Emerging Markets &Bottom of the Pyramid
317MKT Agricultural Marketing 415MKT Marketing of Financial Services  - II
318MKT Business to Business Marketing 416MKT Cross Cultural Relationship Marketing



Code Financial Management –  Core Subjects Code Financial Management –  Core Subjects
305 FIN Financial Regulatory Framework 403 FIN International Finance
306 FIN Merchant Banking and Financial Services 404 FIN Corporate Finance
Code Financial Management – Elective Subjects Code Financial Management – Elective Subjects
307 FIN Income Tax – I 405 FIN Income Tax – II
308 FIN Project Finance 406 FIN Infrastructure Finance
309 FIN Strategic Cost Management 407 FIN Behavioral Finance
310 FIN Corporate Financial Reporting 408 FIN Financial Modeling Using Excel
311 FIN International Financial Reporting Standards 409 FIN Indirect Taxation
312 FIN Corporate Financial Restructuring 410 FIN Financial Risk Management
313 FIN Equity Research 411 FIN Online Trading of Financial Assets
314 FIN Credit Analysis and Appraisal 412 FIN Banking Operations – II
315 FIN Banking Operations – I 413 FIN Wealth & Portfolio Management
316 FIN Treasury Management 414 FIN Fixed Income Securities
317 FIN Financial Instruments and Derivatives 415 FIN Technical Analysis
318 FIN Financial Statement Analysis 416 FIN Commodity Markets and Derivatives
319 FIN Futures & Options 417 FIN Practice of Life Insurance
320 FIN Back Office Operations 418 FIN Information Systems Audit
321 FIN Principles of Insurance 419 FIN Practice of General Insurance
322 FIN Rural Financial Institutions 420 FIN Financing Rural Development
323 FIN Social finance for Inclusive Growth – I 421 FIN Social finance for Inclusive Growth – II


Code Human Resources Management –  Core Subjects Code Human Resources Management –  Core Subjects
305 HR  Labour Laws 403 HR Industrial Relations
306 HR Performance Management 404 HR Strategic Human Resource Management
Code Human Resources Management – Elective Subjects Code Human Resources Management- Elective Subjects
307 HR Employee Health & Safety 405 HR Organizational Design and Development
308 HR Employee Welfare 406 HR Global HR
309 HR HR Audit 407 HR Employee Reward Management
310 HR Human Resource Information System 408 HR Change Management
311 HR Outsourcing of HR 409 HR Conflict & Negotiation Management
312 HR Public Relations & Corporate Communication 410 HR Lab in CSR
313 HR Quality Management System 411 HR Lab in Industrial Relations
314 HR Lab in Recruitment and Selection 412 HR Lab in Legal Compliances
315 HR Lab in Job Design and Analysis 413 HR Lab in Mentoring and Coaching
316 HR Lab in Training 414 HR Best Practices in HR
317 HR Lab in Labour Laws – I 415 HR Designing HR Policies
    416 HR Competency Mapping