Department of Masters of Computer Applications

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):   

PEO 1: The entire spectrum of stakeholders get complemented by virtue of this programme

PEO 2: The process of empowerment at various levels gets accomplished, which leads to substantial increased in computation activities

PEO 3: The appropriate base gets created for allowing ongoing activities from advanced computational fields to take shape

PEO 4: The student community at large gets head on start for new ideas to be conceptualized


Graduates Attributes (GAs):

GA1: Computational Knowledge

GA2: Problem analysis

GA3: Design / Development of Solutions

GA4: Conduct Investigation of complex Computing Problems

GA5: Modern Tool Usage

GA6: Professional Ethics

GA7: Life-long Learning

GA8: Project management and Finance

GA9: Communication Efficiency

GA10: Societal and environmental concern

GA11: Individual & Team Work

GA12: Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Programme Outcomes(POs):

PO1: An ability to apply the knowledge of computing fundamentals, mathematics and domain knowledge to the problem definition

PO2: An ability to effectively identify and analyze computing problems 

PO3: To apply the principles of programming to design, develop and evaluate solutions to the real life problems

PO4: An ability to experience research culture to move ahead towards framing innovative solution

PO5: An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern tools to develop the computer application which helps to run organization smoothly

PO6: An ability to become successful computer application professionals in the field of Information Technology, Cyber Regulation and Management Practices

PO7: An ability to recognize the needs and confidence for self education and ability for lifelong learning

PO8: Demonstrate ability to work as a member or leader in a team in designing,  implementing and managing software systems in multidisciplinary environment

PO9: An ability to exhibit the ways of communication and interfaces to identify, formulate and resolve IT related problem through verbal or written form

PO10: An ability to apply computing intellectual knowledge and practical experiences to meet desired needs, within realistic constraints, such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety

PO11: An ability to work as an individual or  as leader in a group to accomplish goals

PO12: An ability to identify opportunity and proceed with innovative ideas to  become a successful entrepreneur