Department of Master of Business Administration



PEO1: To Impart requisite Knowledge and Skills to Students for Developing Effective Leaders in Business Environment.

PEO2: To Educate Students to Develop them as Management Professionals with Effective Leadership Skills capable of assuming Important role in various Sectors.


Management Graduates will be able to-

PO1 Communicate effectively in Verbal, Non-verbal and Written. 

PO2 Function effectively as an individual in business ecosystem

PO3 Convert his/her hidden potential into workable performance benefitting his/her employer.

PO4 Apply functional knowledge to solve real life problems

PO5 Help in scanning Economic, Legal, Political & Ecological environment affecting the organisation 

PO6 Work in diverse sectors of the industry

PO7 Acquire ability to work as team member.

PO8 Apply the knowledge, skills & right attitude to provide appropriate leadership in an environment.

PO9 Apply best management practices to mitigate on hand problems.

PO10 Recognise the need to engage in continuing professional development and lifelong learning

PO11 Apply ethical management practices to one’s own work, as an entrepreneur. 

PO12 Develop holistic approach to be used for providing solution