Department of Production Engineering

Production Engineering is a combination of manufacturing technology with management science. A Production Engineer is taught a wider spectrum of Engineering, why Engineer alone? He is made aware of the management challenges related to production, which go a long way in mending his style of looking problems.

A production engineer learns more about castings, joining processes, metal cutting & tool design, metrology, machine tools, machining systems, automation, jigs & fixtures, die & mould design with almost single separate subject in all these above areas.

In industry, once the design comes to effect, a Production Engineering concept regarding work-study, ergonomics, operation research, manufacturing management, materials management, production planning etc., play important role in efficient production of any items. These concepts are neatly polished off on the course of content under separate subject heads that come handy in accomplishing the production in smoothest, judicious and economical way.

Thus a Production Engineer is like a double gun sound in technical as well as management part of an industry. He is a generalist fit in system you put him and ever ready to solve problems on shop floor and elsewhere equal and alike.


The Department has competent staff in Production Engineering and produce good environment for the students to acquire the ability to understand the engineering concepts. This is reflected in the glorious results achieved by the students. The trend of final year results for past four years indicates a consistent performance with average of 75% of the students securing 1st class, which includes around 25% Distinction holders. These facts and figures of academic excellence have put the Production Engineering Department at the forefront in the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).

Apart from the academic excellence, the Department is also striving to impart quality education and carry out research in the field of Production Engineering. The objective is to achieve most favored status from the industry. The main focuses of the department is on increasing the interaction with industries and update the skills of the faculty members so that they can impart the world class knowledge required in today’s competitive scenario.

It is said that while learning it is good to hear, better to read and best to observe. Visualization of what one reads, leads to the reinforcement of the knowledge.

A minor research project taken up the department was funded for Rs. 40,000/- by the UGC. The department encourages the staff members to present research papers at national and international conferences. Many students of the department participate in National Level Paper Presentation Contests and have won the prizes.

Students of Production Engineering run an association PESA which organizes technical seminars, personality development programs such as Communication skills, Body language, Group discussions etc. This association provides a platform for developing leadership and organizing skills among the students.

The students passed out in the last decade from the department have been successfully placed in various private sector as well as public sector organizations. Some of them have joined Defense Services with an enthusiasm to serve the nation. Many students have joined prestigious universities from India and abroad for higher studies and after completing the course, they are working successfully with Multinational companies. Some of our students are successful entrepreneurs due to the basic training provided for starting their own industries. The department has formed Alumni Association for continuous interaction with the past students. A grievances cell is formed in the department and suggestions are accepted from the students for future actions.


The department has maintained a good liaison with the industries. Various experts from industry are invited to deliver special lectures for the students. Visits are arranged to various industries and Technical Exhibitions for the students to bridge the gap between theory and practice. About 90% of projects of our final year students are sponsored by the reputed industries such as Mahindra & Mahindra, BOSCH, VIP, Crompton Greaves, etc. The department also organizes short-term courses for the students in advanced topics with the help from industries. Many students undergo a vocational training in reputed industries for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Working with major industries makes graduation in working world a smooth and easy transition for our Production Engineers.

Prof. (Dr.)  P. J. Pawar 

Professor & Head of Department  

Department Evaluative Report