Department of Computer Science and Design

The department shall offer proposed course on Bachelor of Engineering in “Computer Science and Design”
from AY 2021 - 22. It aims to develop graduates with the ability to design and implement efficient software
solutions using various design approaches and media technologies. It enables the students to apply suitable
algorithms, data structures, and other computing techniques for their design process. They would be able to
independently investigate a problem which can be solved using design thinking and Human Computer
Interaction design process to provide end-to-end solutions.
The core courses like Data Structures, Discrete Structures, Logic Design, Databases, Operating Systems,
Networks, Theory of Computation, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and data science will
provides adequate base for the learner to develop applications in the domains such as Augmented and Virtual
Reality (AR-VR), Animation and Gaming etc. Specialized core courses such as Design Thinking, Human
Computer Interface, Digital and media marketing, Web Application development etc shall be offered in second,
third and final year of the programme. Specialized elective courses such as Animation Design and Principles,
Multimedia, Computer Game design, Computer Vision, Graphics Design, Usability Engineering, Augmented
reality, virtual reality, 3D interaction design etc shall be offered in two separate tracks with six courses in each
of the tracks.
The program will prepare students to work in the IT industry as well as the digital media industry like gaming,
animation, virtual/augmented reality, product/web design. Along with traditional job roles such as
programmer, Software Engineer, System Analyst, Software tester etc, the students will be able to handle new
job roles such as AR-VR content writer/developer, AR-VR user experience designer, Animator, Audio
Engineer, UI and UX designers, 3D Modeler, Graphics designer, Game designer, Professional Gamer,
community manager, product manager etc.