Department Of Information Technology


The department has formed a student’s club named “ITERON” in the academic year 2002-2003. Activities such as seminars, workshops, industrial visits etc. are conducted by the ITERON club for the students. One of the most popular annual event conducted by ITeron club is the Technical Symposium “ITiazza”.
The student representation for the core team is in the form of President, Secretary, Treasurer and representatives from each class. This gives an opportunity to students to develop leadership and organizational skills. 

ITeron Club Committee for Current Academic year during 2017-18

Students selected for following posts:
President: Akshay Borse (T.E.)
Secretary: Nikita Narkhede (TE)
Vice President: Rushikesh  Sonar (S.E.)
Treasurer: Pranjal Sakhala (T.E.)
Committee Members:

1. Sayali Deshmukh (T.E.)
2. Prasad Zape (T.E.)
3. Pooja Adke (T.E.) 

4. Misbah Ansari (T.E.)
5. Prerna Birari (S.E.)  

 Following activities were organized by Iteron Student’s Club in the current academic year ( 2017-2018) :

Recent Activities (Semester I)

1.Seminar on “ MBA as Career Option“ By Mr. Vishal Jategaonker, Nashik on 4th September, 2017.
2.Seminar on “ Recent Trends in Java Programming“ By Mr. Devesh Mishra, Oracle Certified Professional, Founder of Fortune Services Pvt Ltd, Pune  on 19th August, 2017.
3. Seminar on “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security “ By Mr. Nilesh Dalvi, Certified Cyber Security Expert  & Foundar of Infinity IT Pvt Ltd, Nashik on 17th August, 2017.
4.Seminar on “Career in Cloud Computing“ By Mr. Tushar Kumawat, Project Manager, Dreamwares Pvt Ltd, Nashik on 5th August, 2017.
5. Seminar on “Tips on how to study“ By Mr. Gourang Ambulkar, Educational Counselor on 1st  August, 2017 .       
6. Seminar on “Word of Wisdom“ By Mr. Rushikesh Jadhav, Team Lead, ESDS Software Solution Pvt  Ltd on 1st  August, 2017.
7.Seminar on “ Industrialization and opportunities in and around Nashik “ By Mr. Dhanajay Bele, President of I.T. Association & Mr. Viral Thakkar, Treasurer of NIMA, Nashik  on 27th  July, 2017 .
8. Seminar on “Microsoft Sharepoint Essentails “ By Mr.Dhiraj A Bothara, Ubisoft Technologies, Pune on 22nd  July,  2017.
9. Workshop on “Team Building & Motivation “ By Mr. Subodh Deshmukh, CEO, Rangshastra Textiles, Hyderbad on 7th  July, 2017.  
10.Seminar on “How to become successful enterprenur “ By Mr. Shete Manohar Vishram, Foundar and CEO of M & M Indutries, Nashik  on 29th June, 2017.  
11.Workshop on “Programming Concepts in C “ By Prof. S.K. Badjate, Prof. K. N. Somwanshi Prof. U.P.Pisolkar, on 16th & 17th June 2017.

Following activities were organized by Iteron Student’s club in the previous academic years:

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